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About Us

At 4MAT we dedicate our efforts to providing small businesses with simple, elegant websites that show off your products and services in the best way possible.

We want your business to succeed, so we can be as big, or as small, a part of the creative process of the website as you like.

We won't bore you with the technical jargon, instead, scroll down to see the results we're capable of.


We put in extra effort to make sure all of our designs look great on ALL screen sizes.

Simply tap on the image of each project to see it in full.


This is a project is great at showcasing different development technologies, such as review systems, maps, comments & user authentication.

Feel free to create an account and upload your favourite camping spot!

Brush Strokes Portfolio

"I want a simple, elegant site that will show off some of my past decorating jobs, and give potential clients an easy way to contact me. And I want it to look great on mobile, too!"

Ryan Clarke Portfolio

"I want a simple website that will display my game portfolio in such a way that it will attract any potential employers"

Patatap Clone

This is a simple clone of the very clever Patatap site, I created this to show my ability to create a fun and interactive website.

(Use the A-Z keys to play sounds and create coloured circles)

The Great RGB Colour Game

This is a fun little game to test out your knowledge of RGB colours.

Your job is to try and guess which colour is being displayed at the top in it's RGB form.


We hate it when companies hold back on features to get you to pay more. So we have kept it simple, we have one option and 2 add-ons:

Initial Website Build


Thoughtful, elegant design

Up to 5 pages

Mobile Friendly

Web hosting

Custom domain name

Email setup & hosting

1 year of maintenance

Related technical support

1 year of website and email hosting

SSL certificate

Each Year Thereafter


Web hosting

Email hosting

1 year of maintenance

Related technical support

SSL certificate

Website Redesign*


(That’s a discount of £100 for return customers!)

Thoughtful, elegant design

Up to 5 pages

Mobile Friendly

Related technical support

*4MAT must have created your initial website for you to be eligible for the redesign discount

If you need a more advanced website, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

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Get in touch and you’ll connect with a real human, with whom you can discuss your needs and queries.

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